Weed Dude's father, also known as Mr.DadDude, is the father of Weed Dude. His beard is grey and he wears glasses. He is shown to be very strict and aggressive as he disowns and attacks his son with a rifle after he failed an exam.

Fatherhood Edit

The first known appearance of Mr.DadDude is in a comic depicting Weed Dude's childhood. Younger Mr.DadDude in a black suit asks his wife, Weed Dude's mother, why are broken condoms on his couch. The red-haired wife of Mr.DadDude is confused at first, but then she notices young Weed Dude and his two siblings sitting on the couch. Mrs.MomDudette, realizing her husband called their children broken condoms, starts crying and requests of Mr.DadDude to call their three children by their proper names.

In his second appearance many years later, as his son has grown up and he dyed his beard (a common practice in India), Weed Dude is apparently attending an exam soon, possibly already had done it and is awaiting the results. The comic starts with Mr.DadDude threatening Weed Dude by disowning him if he fails said exam. Weed Dude, confident in his knowledge, tells his dad to not be worried.

After the results, Mr.DadDude impatiently requests them of his son, who presumably already knew. Weed Dude carelessly shrugs, responding to Mr.DadDude's previous threat by declaring himself no longer his son. Mr.DadDude is enraged and he raises his rifle, MP5, calling Weed Dude a bastard.

In his third appearance, we meet an older Weed Dude talking with Mr.DadDude. Mr.DadDude encourages Weed Dude to study, so he may become successful, rich and relax when he's older. Weed Dude questions Mr.DadDude's judgement, insolently talking back to him. He says he does not need to study to relax, for he relaxes when he doesn't study.

In his fourth appearance we witness the extremely savage side of Mr.DadDude's personality, which has earned him comparisons to the fabled Weed Bro who is known for being savage to the people around him. Mr.DadDude asks Weed Dude a fairly innocent-sounding question about pornographic actress Mia khalifa, leading him on - "Son, is mia khalifa [sic] a bike?" The initial reaction by his son is one of confusion, and he questions the judgement of his savage father. Then Mr.DadDude delivers the punchline, "then why everyone likes to ride her?"[sic: English is obviously not the first language of Weed Dude's family], bemusing his son. His son truly got his comeuppance after trying to disown his father in the second example.

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The savagery of Weed Dude's father in action