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The Cyber is an alternate dimension to the Third Dimension in the Universe that is bound together by dankness. It was created when Funwaa and Gumwaa's births, coinciding with The Big Bang that created the Third Dimension, brought the dimension into existence, and it was later discovered by 3D humans through the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Cyber protocol suite to link devices worldwide. It is an information superhighway that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Cyber carries an extensive range of information resources and services. The history of the Cyber can be understood as a never ending conflict between Funwaa and Gumwaa. The Cyber also has inexplicable paradoxes such as sages from the Church of Cringe having seats in the Dank Party.

The Cyber is home to countless interesting people, including, but not limited to, Weed Bro, his ex-girlfriend Tina, the High Bros., and Sarcastic Auntie, and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, and Annoying Orange, who live throughout The Cyber's many diverse webzones, some of which are Cybernetic India, Channel 4, Reddit, and 9Gag. Many of these places have become Cringe-worthy normie-infested wastelands, although Le 9Gag Army has been able to defend its territory and maintain its dankness, albeit it with minor losses.

The Cyber's sun, the Cybernetic Sun, is a living creature capable of thought and speech that wants to kill everyone on the Cyber, although it has been quite unsuccessful in doing so.

Webzones Edit

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9Gag Edit

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9Gag is a website known for being one of the Universe's most efficient dank meme producers. However, it was been the subject of hate speech from many alt-right organizations including Reddit who loathe the website for its incredible level of Dankness.

Channel 4 Edit

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Channel 4, know to Normies as 4Chan, is an image board known. It played a pivotal role in the The Meme War, and created the white supremacist meme Pepe the Frog which it used as part of its successful campaign to sabotage Hillary Clinton during it. It is also known for helping to protect Normies from the infamous System32 computer virus.

Reddit Edit

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Reddit is a link-aggregator (although its current administration is planning for its annexation by Facebook) which is known for its hordes of Normies who steal and degrade content from elsewhere, especially 9Gag and BuzzFeed. Its subdivisions are commonly known as subreddits (although the current administration has officially renamed them to "communities"), one of which, /r/ComedyCemetery, is known for its toxic hate speech against Weed Bro and his associates, among other Meme Masters.

History Edit

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Early history Edit

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At the beginning of Cybernetic history two gods, Funwaa and Gumwaa, were created and waged a divine war against each other known as the Funwaa-Gumwaa war, with both gods indirectly fighting each other through proxy wars for a thousand years, until ultimately Funwaa emerged victorious, although Gumwaa loyalists continued to resist his rule.

After consolidating his power, Funwaa gained the favor of the Eternal Gods by either appointing them to govern various webzones, as was the case with God-Emperor Trump and the God of Cringe, or by allowing them to freely roam the Cyber with general amnesty from the constraints of physical or institutionalized laws, as was the case with Dr. Jhatka and Pickle Rick.

The Eternal Gods reigned peacefully for eons, although there were occasional skirmishes with the Gumwaa resistance despite attempts by the Numwaa to end the fighting, until, in 3511 BC, Pickle Rick, after being sent to kill Lord Terris, a major Funwaa general who defended Terra during Funwaa-Gumwaa war, instead opted to revolt alongside Lord Terris. Several Funwaa allies including the incels sided with Pickle Rick and were excommunicated from Funwaa.

The revolt failed and Lord Terris died, but Pickle Rick managed to survive and was hunted restlessly by Funwaa. Pickle Rick attempted to ally with the symbolically-important planet of Terra by allowing them to watch Rick and Morty, but all of the listeners were Jews and did not intend to share their knowledge with other Terrans, and created the Illuminati to secretly rule Humanity by themselves.

As a result of the Thanos purge all the Waa factions have been United into a composite humor fiber that constitutes much of the cyber, however libcuccs such as Stephen Colbert still think the Funwaa Gumwaa war is continuing, a theory disproved by Facts, Logic and Shapiro

Law Edit

Laws on the Cyber can vary drastically across different webzones, but common regulations on the Cyber include a requirement that all children be given a unique name, [1]and, as per a U.N. resolution designed to curb normieism, failing to tag one's friends in a meme.[2]

Additionally, in Cybernetic India, passing tests only requires 30%[3]

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