Sheldon Meet Joey is a revolutionary live-action comic strip featuring Sheldon "Zimbabwe" Cooper and Joey "Joey" Joey. This event is a cherished one happening the anniversary of iFunny's raid on Wikipedia using the SPICY BOI bomb

Background Edit

Sheldon Meet Joey is an officially authorised cross-over between two tv shows. The Big Theory is a show featuring Sheldon as he says funny words starting with 🅱 to laugh of live studio audience. Joey is some show I don't watch so idk, google it. The interactions between the revolutionary characters of Sheldon and Joey provide a continuous swarm of comedic possibilities as their faces are pasted onto existing jokes that had nothing to do with either show.

How it all started Edit

The journey started with binge watching of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and THE BIG BANG THEORY over a holiday.The thought of Sheldon Meeting Joey always amused us and we took up the charge to make them meet. A series of admins with a little bit of fun, wit and sense of humor are all set to get to you a new set of fun content. Serve yourself with daily dose of news and knowledge the fun way with SMJBuzz

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