REAL flag of jamaica do not delete!

Jamaica is home! Good times! Good life!

Jamaica is home is a term popularized be there at 6 the guy I talked to my dad he was last year and the peacock feathers are for sure going for the delay and tell me if I need time for your support in life is ruined my Biology the guy that was the first time I saw him in the new year to all our love you and miss the guy I was on a few things I would like to make sure I have to get my car fixed I don't think you need time off and tell Me what you think of this one more person picture I took a nap.

History Edit

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Recent history Edit

Yesterday when i went to school, John said 69!!!! This was quite funny because this was the sex number. It was in fact so funny, That the entire classroom laughed uncontrollably. We began suffering from asphyxiation. We are now in the hospital. It was worth it though, As it was a truly epic joke.