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This is the page about the God-Emperor. For the mortal look-alike, See Bronald Trump.

"You're fired"


God-Emperor Trump is one of the few original Gods that existed while the Universe did not. His reign began during the Big Bang.


God-Emperor Trump is one of the oldest of the old gods. While he has been forgotten and remembered time and time again, he endures. He is one of the few gods who's power is not directly related to attention and popularity with humans, suggesting that he is not of this world.


God-Emperor Trump is the Emperor of the American Empire, a hypothetical state that exists on the plane of freedom. The Empire is the best version of the United States possible, as it was founded and grew under the watchful eye of God-Emperor Trump.


God-Emperor is such an old god that he does not pay attention to the pesky smaller god emperor James that argue and banter around his plane of existence. This being, there have been a few who dared seek out the old god, and attempted to challenge him.

  • When Jake Paul overtook his brother Logan Paul in power, Logan's strength began to fade. Hearing rumors of an old god, Logan Paul began a journey to find God-Emperor Trump. In late 2050, God-Emperor Trump defeated Logan Paul with one swing of his sword after Logan attempted to enter The American Empire.
  • God-Emperor Trump killed the original Mark Zuckerberg. Disappointed in the Zucc's inability to use his power to do anything, God-Emperor Trump looked the Zucc square in the eye and said "You're fired". The universe proceeded to dismiss the Zucc from existence, literally laying-off the particles that made up the Zucc. These particles got spots in an unemployment line, however they are still on welfare to this day.


On April 30th, 2945, Eternal God Dr. Jhatka was defeated in Cairo, Egypt by Jotaro Joestar. This immediately stirred widespread suspicion that Joestar did not act alone. Joestar was only a Semi-god, and should have stood no chance against the much older, more powerful Dr. Jhatka. It was later found out that Joestar was contracted to kill Dr. Jhatka by God-Emperor Trump, which explains why Joestar was able to overpower the doctor, as God-Emperor Trump is an extremely powerful eternal god who was able to equip Joestar with the necessary power for the job.

The controversy around this is that there is little reason around why God-Emperor Trump would do this. During the Funwaa-Gumwaa war, God-Emperor Trump remained in isolation in The American Empire, and took no care as to who won. Dr. Jhatka on the other hand was one of Funwaa's best soldiers.

This led some to speculate that God-Emperor Trump supports Gumwaa's claim to The Cyber, which is deemed treason.


2016 Presidential Election[]


Donald Trump Makes America Again

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Trump is love, Trump is life