Continental map of Earth


Teacher giving a geography lesson and falling to some Weed Bro followers's trolling.(Date unknown)

The Earth is a planet located in the Sol System which itself lurks in the suburbs of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is just one of the hundreds of trillions that exists in the Third Dimension. While its present inhabitants were born too late in history to explore their own planet and too early to explore the mysterious distant worlds of the Third Dimension, they were born just right to explore dank memes, which they currently do using computers to access an entire other dimension of their own creation, known as the Cyber. Many Third Dimensional countries maintain colonies and in some cases even integral components within the Cyber, including India, whose state of Cybernetic India is widely considered by internet anthropologists and dank meme experts as being the most likely birthplace of Weed Bro, one of the sages of the Church of the Dank and the main star in The Adventures of Weed Bro and Friends, which has become the undeserved target of HATE SPEECH on r/ComedyCemetery, a Weed Bro hate subreddit on Reddit, which is itself located on the Cyber. The precise metaphysical relations between the Third Dimension and the Cyber are still largely unresolved.

Geography Edit

Earth has seven continents: North America, South America, Atlantica, Indo-Europe, Asia, Oceania and New zealand.

North America Edit


Flag map of north america

North America consists of 9 countries: The Mexican Empire to the south, The Democratic People's Socialist Republic of California to the west, Cybernetic America to the East, The United States of B to the north and Cybernetic Russia controlling alaska. The State of Deseret in the middle is theoretically independent but it's frequently occupied by California or America whenever they enter war.

Island countries include the Baji Republic to the west of mexico and Cuba, As well as Jamaica.